The Metamorphosis of the Morphing Wing - Efforts from various communities


NASA's Morphing Project

NASA, in the context of its research on future flight vehicles for Morphing Project defines it as "An Efficient, multipoint, adaptability and it includes macro, micro, structural and /or fluidic approaches".

The word "Efficient" is used in the sense of being mechanically simpler, light weight and /or more energy efficient than conventional systems; "Multipoint" denotes extensive versatility and resilience. The project aims at incorporating both small and large scale structural shape changes as well as micro fluidics to address the intertwined function of vehicle aerodynamics, structures and controls amd also seek new innovations that may be possible due to the intersection of these disciplines.


The Hyper Elliptic Wing Concept pursued by NASA LaRC

Efforts from various communities

DARPA's Morphing Program

Why Morphing ?

Morphing - Classification

Morphing @ tiims

(Source : Recent Results from NASA's Morphing Project, Mc-Gowan.A.M., et.,al, Proceedings of SPIE, 18-21 Mar 2002, Sandiego,CA )

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