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Autonomous Aeriel Refueling Flight Demonstrations


To validate and demonstrate the Autonomous Air Refueling System (AARS), composed of the VisNav relative navigation sensor, and the Reference Observer Tracking Controller (ROTC) control laws, both developed by our team, we conducted the following flight test program.  The program is being conducted from 3 April 2006 – 31 October 2007 at the Flight Mechanics Laboratory, under sponsorship from FRL/MN and Boeing, under sub-contract to StarVision Technologies.  Fight testing of the first vehicle began in June 2006, and is still proceeding.  To date, more than 10 validation and verification flights of the tanker and receiver have been conducted.  The first air-to-air docking of the tanker aircraft and the receiver aircraft, without human supervision or intervention, is scheduled for 2nd Quarter 2007.


Visnav Flight Test 2006-07

UAV Proximity GNC using VisNav: Experimental Demonstrations, 2006.




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