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Nonlinear F16 Model

The F-16 Model just got better. The original F-16 model was a low fidelity model described in the book, "Aircraft Control and Simulation", by Brian L. Stevens and Frank L. Lewis. The non-linear F-16 model can now be used in its high fidelity mode as well as its old mode, the low fidelity mode.

The high fidelity mode has a larger aerodynamic data range and implements the leading edge flap. Force and moment coefficients can be found at angle of attacks from -20 to 90 degrees and side-slip angles of -30 to 30 degrees. The leading edge flap is a control surface that allows the F-16 to fly at larger angle of attacks by reducing the tendency to stall. The aerodynamic tables and leading edge flap are described in a 1979 NASA Technical Report (#1538) entitled, Simulator Study of Stall / Post Stall Characteristics of Fighter Airplane with Relaxed Longitudinal Stability.

The non-linear F-16 model now comes packaged with an easy to use Simulink diagram and Matlab software that will allow you to run Simulations and linearize the models so that controller design theory can be applied.

- Manual
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OPTRAGEN is a MATLAB toolbox for numerically solving optimal control problems. OPTRAGEN translates optimal control problems to nonlinear programming problems. The transcription of optimal control problem (OCP) to nonlinear programming (NLP) problem is done by parameterizing trajectories as Splines. The output of the transcription is a cost function and a constraint function that can be interfaced with any commercially available nonlinear programming solver. OPTRAGEN can be considered to be a parser that translates optimal control problems to nonlinear programming problems, and is not dependent on any nonlinear programming solver.

- Manual
- Download OPTRAGEN (Requires password. Please send user information to raktim@aero.tamu.edu for access).
- Student Version of SNOPT



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